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wrenches and pullers (140 products)

Park Tool - Crank & Bottom Bracket Bottom Bracket Tool BBT-79.3 From €23.31 €38.50Park ToolCrank & Bottom Bracket Bottom Bracket Tool BBT-79.3Park Tool - Spoke Wrench From €8.30 €15.03Park ToolSpoke WrenchCyclus Tools - Spoke Wrench for Shimano From €6.15 €14.90Cyclus ToolsSpoke Wrench for ShimanoVoxom - BOSCH® Motor Sprocket Wrench From €16.53 €21.29VoxomBOSCH® Motor Sprocket WrenchElite - Takuin Toolcan From €14.32 €19.14EliteTakuin ToolcanUnior - Chainring Bolt Wrench 1668/2 From €2.20 €3.20UniorChainring Bolt Wrench 1668/2Unior - T-Hex Wrench 193HXS From €6.00 UniorT-Hex Wrench 193HXSUnior - Bottom Bracket Wrench for BSA30 2620/2BI From €9.08 €12.69UniorBottom Bracket Wrench for BSA30 2620/2BIUnior - Bottom Bracket Wrench 1609/2BI From €20.74 €27.74UniorBottom Bracket Wrench 1609/2BIUnior - Cartridge Bottom Bracket Tool 1671.1/4 From €12.56 €16.32UniorCartridge Bottom Bracket Tool 1671.1/4Unior - Chain Tool 1647/2ABI From €28.60 €36.35UniorChain Tool 1647/2ABIUnior - Cassette Tool with Handle and Pin 1670.8/2BI From €20.11 €26.88UniorCassette Tool with Handle and Pin 1670.8/2BIShimano - TL-PD40 Pedal Tool From €1.19 €1.61ShimanoTL-PD40 Pedal ToolPark Tool - CTP-4/ CTP-4K Replacement Chain Tool Pin Kit From €1.09 €2.56Park ToolCTP-4/ CTP-4K Replacement Chain Tool Pin KitBike Hand - YC-501A Freewheel Turner From €5.66 €7.42Bike HandYC-501A Freewheel TurnerProx - HTECH-II Bottom Bracket Wrench with handle From €8.94 €10.54ProxHTECH-II Bottom Bracket Wrench with handleProx - LockOut Cassette Tool with handle and pin From €7.74 €10.11ProxLockOut Cassette Tool with handle and pinPark Tool - MLP-1.2 Master Link Pliers From €13.15 €21.49Park ToolMLP-1.2 Master Link PliersShimano - TL-HS34 Cone Spanner 14 mm From €10.09 €16.19ShimanoTL-HS34 Cone Spanner 14 mmTopeak - Chainring Nut Wrench From €4.26 €5.38TopeakChainring Nut WrenchShimano - TL-CN28 Multi-Speed Chain Tool From €24.42 €34.01ShimanoTL-CN28 Multi-Speed Chain ToolConnex - Chain wear indicator From €11.07 €16.10ConnexChain wear indicatorPark Tool - Shop Cone Wrenches From €5.78 €11.38Park ToolShop Cone WrenchesShimano - TL-FC32 Tool for Hollowtech II BB Cups From €7.18 €9.72ShimanoTL-FC32 Tool for Hollowtech II BB CupsShimano - Crank bolt for FCM760/FCM800 From €1.71 €2.31ShimanoCrank bolt for FCM760/FCM800Shimano - TL-FC16 Wrench for Cranks FCM960/760 From €1.32 €1.69ShimanoTL-FC16 Wrench for Cranks FCM960/760Park Tool - Cassette Pliers CP-1.2 €72.90 Park ToolCassette Pliers CP-1.2PRO - Team Digital Torque Wrench €186.89 PROTeam Digital Torque WrenchPRO - Chainwhip €32.04 PROChainwhipPark Tool - Beam-Type Torque Wrench 0–14 Nm TW-1.2 €50.54 Park ToolBeam-Type Torque Wrench 0–14 Nm TW-1.2Park Tool - Bottom Bracket Tool 16-Notch BBT-47-16 €38.50 Park ToolBottom Bracket Tool 16-Notch BBT-47-16Park Tool - THT-1 T-Handle Torx® Compatible Wrench Set From €18.47 Park ToolTHT-1 T-Handle Torx® Compatible Wrench SetPark Tool - THH-1 Sliding T-Handle Hex Wrench Set From €19.11 Park ToolTHH-1 Sliding T-Handle Hex Wrench SetPark Tool - TWS-2 Fold-Up Torx® Compatible Wrench Set €25.60 Park ToolTWS-2 Fold-Up Torx® Compatible Wrench SetPark Tool - Frame & Fork Derailleur Hanger Alignment Gauge DAG-2.2 €107.32 Park ToolFrame & Fork Derailleur Hanger Alignment Gauge DAG-2.2Park Tool - SD-SET Shop Screwdriver Set €29.03 Park ToolSD-SET Shop Screwdriver SetPark Tool - NP-6 Needle Nose Pliers €39.79 Park ToolNP-6 Needle Nose PliersPark Tool - PAW-6 6-Inch Adjustable Wrench €32.04 Park ToolPAW-6 6-Inch Adjustable WrenchPark Tool - HMR-8 8oz Shop Hammer €26.89 Park ToolHMR-8 8oz Shop Hammer225 gUnior - Sprocket Remover 1670/2 €34.39 UniorSprocket Remover 1670/2Park Tool - Ratcheting Click-Type Torque Wrench TW-6.2 €191.18 Park ToolRatcheting Click-Type Torque Wrench TW-6.2Park Tool - Cassette Lockring Tool FR-1.2 €10.30 Park ToolCassette Lockring Tool FR-1.2Park Tool - Freewheel Remover FR-1.3 €11.81 Park ToolFreewheel Remover FR-1.3Connex - Chain Tool €26.89 ConnexChain Tool80 gPark Tool - RP-3 External Snap Ring Pliers €29.89 Park ToolRP-3 External Snap Ring PliersPark Tool - Park Tool TWB-15 Pedal Wrench 3/8” €19.34 Park ToolPark Tool TWB-15 Pedal Wrench 3/8”Park Tool - Derailleur Clutch Wrench DW-2 €8.79 Park ToolDerailleur Clutch Wrench DW-2Park Tool - RP-5 Straight Snap Ring Pliers €33.33 Park ToolRP-5 Straight Snap Ring PliersPark Tool - RP-4 Snap Ring Pliers €33.33 Park ToolRP-4 Snap Ring PliersPark Tool - RP-3 External Snap Ring Pliers €29.89 Park ToolRP-3 External Snap Ring PliersPRO - Spoke Wrench Blue From €5.17 PROSpoke Wrench BluePRO - Torque Tool €102.36 PROTorque ToolPRO - Hydraulic Piston Press €13.76 PROHydraulic Piston PressPRO - BB-Remover Hollowtech II €23.44 PROBB-Remover Hollowtech IIPark Tool - SR-2.2 Chain Whip €48.39 Park ToolSR-2.2 Chain WhipPark Tool - FRW-1 Freewheel Remover Wrench €67.75 Park ToolFRW-1 Freewheel Remover WrenchPark Tool - BBT-22 Bottom Bracket Tool €29.89 Park ToolBBT-22 Bottom Bracket ToolPark Tool - BBT-22 Bottom bracket tool €25.60 Park ToolBBT-22 Bottom bracket toolPark Tool - BBT-18 Bottom Bracket Tool €22.58 Park ToolBBT-18 Bottom Bracket ToolPark Tool - BBT-10.2 Adjusting Cap Tool €22.58 Park ToolBBT-10.2 Adjusting Cap ToolPark Tool - BBT-29 Bottom Bracket Tool €33.33 Park ToolBBT-29 Bottom Bracket ToolPark Tool - BBT-4 Bottom Bracket Tool €13.96 Park ToolBBT-4 Bottom Bracket ToolPark Tool - PW-4 Professional Pedal Wrench €48.39 Park ToolPW-4 Professional Pedal WrenchPark Tool - PW-3 Pedal Wrench €39.79 Park ToolPW-3 Pedal WrenchPark Tool - PW-5 Home Mechanic Pedal Wrench €24.74 Park ToolPW-5 Home Mechanic Pedal WrenchPark Tool - HT Hex Tool From €11.59 Park ToolHT Hex ToolPark Tool - HR-8 8mm Hex Wrench From €10.52 Park ToolHR-8 8mm Hex WrenchPark Tool - ST-3 3-Way Socket Wrench €21.49 Park ToolST-3 3-Way Socket WrenchPark Tool - Crank Puller for Square Taper Cranks CCP-22 €23.44 Park ToolCrank Puller for Square Taper Cranks CCP-22Park Tool - VC-1 Valve Core Tool €13.74 Park ToolVC-1 Valve Core ToolPark Tool - FR-6 Freewheel Remover €22.58 Park ToolFR-6 Freewheel RemoverPark Tool - CNW-2 Chainring Nut Wrench €6.43 Park ToolCNW-2 Chainring Nut WrenchTopeak - Topeak - Freewheel Remover €12.47 TopeakTopeak - Freewheel RemoverTopeak - Universal Crank Puller €12.69 TopeakUniversal Crank PullerTopeak - Cable & Housing Cutter €34.19 TopeakCable & Housing CutterPark Tool - Preset Torque Driver PTD-4 €54.83 Park ToolPreset Torque Driver PTD-4Shimano - TL-HS23 Cone Wrench 28/18 mm €8.09 ShimanoTL-HS23 Cone Wrench 28/18 mmPark Tool - Gear Cleaning Brush GSC-1 €7.07 Park ToolGear Cleaning Brush GSC-1Park Tool - SPA-1 Pin Spanner €13.53 Park ToolSPA-1 Pin SpannerShimano - TL-HS37 Cone Spanner 17 mm €16.30 ShimanoTL-HS37 Cone Spanner 17 mmShimano - TL-HS33 Cone Spanner 13 mm €16.19 ShimanoTL-HS33 Cone Spanner 13 mmShimano - TL-HS35 Cone Spanner 15 mm €16.30 ShimanoTL-HS35 Cone Spanner 15 mmPark Tool - SPA-2 Pin Spanner €13.53 Park ToolSPA-2 Pin SpannerPark Tool - HCW-15 Headset Wrench (32/36 mm) €29.89 Park ToolHCW-15 Headset Wrench (32/36 mm)Shimano - TL-CT12 Cable and Housing Cutter €40.48 ShimanoTL-CT12 Cable and Housing CutterPark Tool - DT-2 Rotor Truing Fork €24.74 Park ToolDT-2 Rotor Truing ForkPark Tool - ND-1 Nipple Driver €27.74 Park ToolND-1 Nipple DriverPark Tool - HMR-4 Shop Hammer €39.79 Park ToolHMR-4 Shop HammerPark Tool - CN-10 Professional Cable and Housing Cutter €56.99 Park ToolCN-10 Professional Cable and Housing CutterPark Tool - Hydraulic Brake Piston Press PP-1.2 €27.74 Park ToolHydraulic Brake Piston Press PP-1.2Park Tool - BBT-32 Bottom bracket assembly tool €21.06 Park ToolBBT-32 Bottom bracket assembly toolPark Tool - 3-Way Hex Wrench AWS-1 €16.54 Park Tool3-Way Hex Wrench AWS-1Park Tool - PH-1 Allen Key Set €113.76 Park ToolPH-1 Allen Key SetPark Tool - Spoke Wrench From €9.90 Park ToolSpoke WrenchPark Tool - Brakes Disc Brake Pad Spreader PS-1 €12.67 Park ToolBrakes Disc Brake Pad Spreader PS-1XLC - BOSCH® Motor Sprocket Wrench €21.29 XLCBOSCH® Motor Sprocket WrenchVoxom - Lipstick Tool WKl47 €18.28 VoxomLipstick Tool WKl47330 gShimano - TL-FC41 Chainring Tool €13.96 ShimanoTL-FC41 Chainring ToolPRO - Cassette Wrench €23.44 PROCassette WrenchPRO - Team Chainwhip €32.04 PROTeam ChainwhipVoxom - Adjustable Torque Wrench WKL33 €14.83 VoxomAdjustable Torque Wrench WKL33Voxom - T-Shape Hex Key Wrench From €4.08 VoxomT-Shape Hex Key Wrench330 gPark Tool - Beam-Type Torque Wrench 0–60 Nm TW-2.2 €54.83 Park ToolBeam-Type Torque Wrench 0–60 Nm TW-2.2XLC - TO-S08 Bottom Bracket Press Fit Tool €32.04 XLCTO-S08 Bottom Bracket Press Fit ToolUnior - Freewheel Remover for BMX 1670.6/4 €8.39 UniorFreewheel Remover for BMX 1670.6/4Unior - Freewheel remover for Campagnolo 1670.4/4 €10.73 UniorFreewheel remover for Campagnolo 1670.4/4Unior - DT Swiss Torx Nipple Wrench 1630/4DTPR €14.39 UniorDT Swiss Torx Nipple Wrench 1630/4DTPRUnior - Spoke Wrench 1630/2P €13.31 UniorSpoke Wrench 1630/2PUnior - Cartridge Bottom Bracket Tool 1671.8/2BI €42.79 UniorCartridge Bottom Bracket Tool 1671.8/2BIUnior - Cartridge Bottom Bracket Tool 1671.2/4 €16.32 UniorCartridge Bottom Bracket Tool 1671.2/4Unior - Cone Wrench 1617/2DP €16.32 UniorCone Wrench 1617/2DPUnior - Pedal Wrench 1612/2A €4.71 UniorPedal Wrench 1612/2AUnior - Pedal Wrench 1613/2BI €25.60 UniorPedal Wrench 1613/2BIUnior - Crank Puller 1661/4 €21.29 UniorCrank Puller 1661/4Unior - Freewheel Remover with Pin for Shimano 1670.7/4 €10.09 UniorFreewheel Remover with Pin for Shimano 1670.7/4Unior - Freewheel Remover for Shimano 1670.5/4 €8.59 UniorFreewheel Remover for Shimano 1670.5/4PRO - Pedal Wrench 8 mm €9.25 PROPedal Wrench 8 mmPark Tool - TWS-1 Torx® Compatible Wrench Set €31.18 Park ToolTWS-1 Torx® Compatible Wrench SetStans NoTubes - Core Remover Tool €8.39 Stans NoTubesCore Remover ToolProx - Chain Tool €6.45 ProxChain ToolProx - Cassette removal chain whip €6.45 ProxCassette removal chain whipProx - HTECH-II Bottom Bracket Wrench €10.54 ProxHTECH-II Bottom Bracket WrenchProx - Pedal wrench/ Axle nut wrench €6.45 ProxPedal wrench/ Axle nut wrenchProx - Chainring Bolt Tool €3.20 ProxChainring Bolt ToolProx - HTECH-II Bottom Bracket Wrench €2.47 ProxHTECH-II Bottom Bracket Wrench > > > > >Prox - Cassette Remover €4.74 ProxCassette RemoverDartmoor - Thorn Crank Remover €21.00 DartmoorThorn Crank RemoverShimano - TL-CN34 Multi-Speed Chain Tool €74.19 ShimanoTL-CN34 Multi-Speed Chain ToolNo name - Chain tool €5.38 No nameChain toolShimano - TL-LR15 Lockring Remover €13.49 ShimanoTL-LR15 Lockring RemoverIceToolz - 09B3 Freewheel Remover €4.74 IceToolz09B3 Freewheel RemoverSUPER B - Cotterless crank removal tool TB-6616 €5.35 SUPER BCotterless crank removal tool TB-6616Bike Hand - YC-768 Cable and Housing Cutter €10.54 Bike HandYC-768 Cable and Housing CutterBBB - BTL-45 Hex T Hex Wrench From €6.24 BBBBTL-45 Hex T Hex WrenchBBB - BTL-32L BoldGrip Chainring Nut Wrench €5.17 BBBBTL-32L BoldGrip Chainring Nut WrenchBBB - BTL-25 ConeFix Cone Wrench €6.24 BBBBTL-25 ConeFix Cone WrenchLezyne - CHAIN DRIVE Tool €19.14 LezyneCHAIN DRIVE Tool110 gDartmoor - FLARE Cranks remover €9.23 DartmoorFLARE Cranks removerBBB - DISCSTRAIGHT BTL-74 Disc rotor tool €9.46 BBBDISCSTRAIGHT BTL-74 Disc rotor toolTruvativ - GXP/Howitzer BB installation tool €27.74 TruvativGXP/Howitzer BB installation tool