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MOTOREX BIKE CHAIN DEGREASER is a highly active, quickly biodegradable chain and parts cleaner. BIKE CHAIN DEGREASER is particularly effective for greasy and oily contamination. Thanks to its special formula, it penetrates the smallest gaps, dries without leaving a residue and does not have a corrosive effect. Resins are also removed as a result of its universal removal power.

Apply MOTOREX BIKE CHAIN DEGREASER to the chain and parts to be cleaned, leave for a short while and if necessary, work on the respective areas with a brush. Allow the cleaner to drip; if necessary, rinse with a new cleaner and allow to dry. To prevent the floor from being contaminated, place some paper or a box, for example, under the parts so that the contamination dripping off is caught.


  • biodegrades quickly
  • extremely powerful solvent effect
  • universal use
  • excellent degreasing and resin-removal properties
  • evaporates without leaving any residue
  • optimum drying time
  • chlorine-free

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