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130 g
26x1.70 / 2.30
valve type
FV/Presta 36 mm


Latex tubes are a must for any cyclist who fancies him or herself a true enthusiast. Like synthetic oil, the cost is worth the added protection and puncture resistance and the ride can't be beat unless you're riding tubeless or tubulars. Natural latex rubber has a longer modulus of elasticity, which is geek speak for it's stretchier. That means it's more supple than butyl, giving you a better ride quality. Puncture resistance increases for the same reason, the latex is more likely to move out of the way of the thorn than with a butyl tube. Latex tubes are also lighter. Vittoria's Latex tubes are premium quality, come in two sizes and feature a 51 mm presta valve.


  • Made of natural Latex rubber
  • Size: 26x1.70 / 2.30
  • Valve:
    • FV - Presta
    • 36 mm

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