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wired, folding, folding / tubeless TNT
2,1, 2,25, 2,6


Technical small-block tread layout has constant effective-edge centre and lean-dependent sipe angles. Counter V-formation channels ease the cleaning of mud, dirt, and debris, in-line with cornering forces.

Vittoria TNT (Tube–No Tube) tyres are up to 100g lighter than standard tubeless, yet have reinforced sidewalls with massive cut resistance. Run tubeless on UST rims with Pit Stop cartridge or liquid latex Pit Stop. TNT tyres offer better cornering, faster rolling and fewer pinch flats at lower pressure. Fitting is easy: TNT’s tyre bead locks readily into the rim and tyre and is inflated with a standard hand pump. Pit Stop cartridge contains only 35g of foam, as effective as 50–60g of liquid latex and is a reliable solution for tubeless running. TNT tyres can equally be used with an inner tube if the rider prefers.


  • Alternating center-ridge reduces drag
  • Lean dependent sipe angle

"The Barzo is my go to XC tire; light, fast rolling with superior grip". - Taylor Clark (Clark Brothers Racing)

“I choose the Barzo in rocky conditions because of the spacing and the depth of the knob. The center ridge gives me fast rolling, but the depth of the knobs and the spacing gives me more protection in the rocks”. – Erica Tingey (Pro XC Rider)

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