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Bicycle tires
The type and quality of the tire have a decisive impact on the speed and quality of cycling. Choosing the right tire is therefore a very simple way to tune your bike. The requirements for tires vary depending on the scope of their use. Tubeless tires have become the standard, allowing you to ride at low pressure and sealing smaller holes.

Bicycle tires

Enduro tires are characterized by durability, low weight and excellent grip. Typically, dedicated tires are used for the front and rear. In the case of DH tires, what matters most is good grip and durability. Additionally, we recommend using tubeless tires, preferably with an anti-puncture tire insert.

Road and gravel tires, are narrow and have lower rolling resistance. Many fixie tires have very good grip and puncture protection despite low rolling resistance. You will also find tires for BMX bikes in our online store.

Selecting the right tire ensures greater speed and safety at the same time.

We offer tires from renowned companies, such as: Challenge, Continental, Kenda, Maxxis, Michelin, Onza, Panaracer, Schwalbe, Specialized, Tubolight, Vittoria, WTB.

Bicycle tires - how to select the right tire?

The selection of bicycle tires is very wide. Starting from the wheel size, width, tread type and finally the compound and sidewall thickness. If someone rides a bike very little, he or she will be satisfied with the right size and low price. However, if cycling is your passion, you know that tires are one of the most important parts and their selection should be conscious. In gravity disciplines such as Enduro, DH, but also MTB and Gravel, it is necessary to use tubeless tires with sealing fluid. Otherwise, we always have to have glue patches and a pump with us.

Types of bicycle tires

Bicycle tires can be divided into main groups. The division depends on the type of bicycle and the area in which a given type of bicycle is used.

  • Enduro tires are tires for the relatively new branch of MTB, usually in size 29 | and 27.5", with a width of 2.3"-2.6". Typically, Enduro tires are relatively light with an aggressive tread. Most often, tubeless. They are available in versions intended for various weather and terrain conditions. Enduro tires for wet conditions do not have dense tread to clean mud well. Tires are available in versions dedicated to the front (provide excellent traction) and rear (provide good riding properties). The best opinions are Maxxis tires from the Minion, Assegrai and Continental series from the Gravity Kryptotal, Argotal series, Xynotal, Hydrotal.
  • DH/FR tires are typically wide tires, where weight does not play such an important role, and what matters most is grip and durability. Therefore, they have a thicker and more durable sidewall and a soft rubber mixture.
  • MTB tires – this is the widest group of tires, the size, and tread depend on the needs on the route. MTB tires are characterized by low weight and durability.
  • Road tires – tires for road bikes. They have a delicate tread or are completely smooth. Road tires are characterized by low weight and resistance to high pressures. They most often come in sizes 23-30 mm.
  • Gravel tires - bicycle tires that are similar to road tires but are wider and adapted for off-road riding. Gravel tires are designed to provide puncture resistance and good grip, and at the same time allow for riding on the road. Gravel tires provide greater comfort because they are higher and wider than road tires. Gravel tires are wide: 30-42 mm
  • Trekking tires – these are tires for a touring bike. Their width and the type of tread used are designed to ensure comfort while riding, obtain minimal rolling resistance when riding on asphalt, as well as maintain full control over the bike when leaving the paved road. A good trekking tire should have excellent puncture resistance, durability, and the ability to ride in any terrain.

What is the difference between a foldable tire and a wire tire?

Tires have a rim that is used to "stick" the tire to the rim. Folding tires have elastic fibers on the rim, e.g. Kevlar, and wire tires have steel wire on the rim. Wire tires are cheaper, but foldable tires are lighter and come in the best versions and compounds. because they are intended for informed users.

Tubeless tires, what are the advantages of tubeless tires?

All tires are designed for use with an inner tube, but most of the more expensive tires allow for use in a tubeless system. Instead of an inner tube, the tire contains a sealing fluid/ tire sealant. The advantages of using tubeless tires are:

  • possibility of riding at low pressures, for example instead of 2.5 Bar, 1.5 Bar. Riding with low pressure ensures excellent grip, however, in mountainous or rocky terrain it is necessary to additionally use an anti-compression insert to protect the rim;
  • in the case of small punctures, the sealing fluid will seal them automatically. However, in the case of large cuts, unfortunately, it will not help.

The disadvantage is the need to purchase a special rim tape and valves, as well as the need to add fluid about every 4 months. Installation can be done at home, but you need a special pump that will quickly fill the tire with air.

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