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Tire inserts for bicycle tires
Anti-puncture inserts, anti-impact inserts, or just inserts for bicycle tires have become an indispensable element of bicycle equipment for people practicing extreme types of mountain biking. Anti-puncture inserts are made of dense foam and their main application is for tubeless tires. They are mounted on the rim in place of the inner tube, and the whole thing is sealed with sealing fluid/sealant. These inserts are designed to increase protection against tire damage, protect the rim, and additionally stiffen the tires and dampen vibrations, which improves driving comfort.

Tire inserts

they are especially useful for cyclists who ride aggressively in difficult terrain where there is a high risk of tire/rim damage. Anti-puncture inserts differ in their structure, they may have simple or complex shapes, but they are usually made of a similar material, and the differences lie in its density, which translates into their hardness.

Anti-puncture inserts are most often used in mountain bikes (mainly Enduro, All Mountain, Downhill), but in recent seasons they have also become more popular among gravel and road cyclists. The best brands in one place: Flat Out, Cusch Core, Tannus, Vittoria, Dark.Bike.

Cush Core - Plus 27,5" Tire Inserts From €78.54 €96.32-18%Cush CorePlus 27,5" Tire Inserts250 gFlat Out - 27,5" Tire Insert From €40.23 Flat Out27,5" Tire Insert90 gCush Core - Pro 29" Tire Inserts Set From €96.32 Cush CorePro 29" Tire Inserts Set260 gCush Core - Plus 29" Tire Inserts From €96.32 Cush CorePlus 29" Tire Inserts250 gCush Core - Trail 27,5" Tire Insert From €96.32 Cush CoreTrail 27,5" Tire Insert199 gCush Core - Trail 29" Tire Insert From €96.32 Cush CoreTrail 29" Tire Insert199 g

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Cush Core - XC 29" Tire Insert €96.32 Cush CoreXC 29" Tire Insert150 gCush Core - XC 27.5" Tire Insert From €96.32 Cush CoreXC 27.5" Tire Insert140 gCush Core - Gravel Tire Insert From €96.32 Cush CoreGravel Tire Insert120 gCush Core - Pro MIX 27,5"/29" Tire Inserts Set €179.08 Cush CorePro MIX 27,5"/29" Tire Inserts Set250 gCush Core - Pro 27,5" Tire Inserts Set From €96.32 Cush CorePro 27,5" Tire Inserts Set250 gVittoria - Air-liner MTB Tire Insert From €45.56 €54.94-17%VittoriaAir-liner MTB Tire InsertDark.Bike - Flatkilla Tire Insert 29" €38.86 Dark.BikeFlatkilla Tire Insert 29"Dark.Bike - Flatkilla Tire Insert 27,5" €38.86 Dark.BikeFlatkilla Tire Insert 27,5"Flat Out - <3CORE Mullet 27,5"/29" Tire Insert €91.72 Flat Out<3CORE Mullet 27,5"/29" Tire InsertFlat Out - <3CORE 29" Tire Insert From €51.72 Flat Out<3CORE 29" Tire InsertFlat Out - <3CORE 27,5" Tire Insert From €51.72 Flat Out<3CORE 27,5" Tire InsertTannus - Armour Tubeless Tire Inserts €71.03 TannusArmour Tubeless Tire Inserts90 gTannus - Armour Tubeless Tire Inserts 29" €71.03 TannusArmour Tubeless Tire Inserts 29"90 gFlat Out - Mullet 27,5"/29" Tire Insert €68.73 Flat OutMullet 27,5"/29" Tire Insert90 gFlat Out - 29" Tire Insert From €40.23 Flat Out29" Tire InsertVittoria - Air-liner Road Tire Insert €38.86 VittoriaAir-liner Road Tire Insert24 gEffetto Mariposa - Tyreinvader Tire Insert €54.94 Effetto MariposaTyreinvader Tire InsertPepi's Tire Noodle - RokkLine Tire Inserts €71.27 Pepi's Tire NoodleRokkLine Tire InsertsPepi's Tire Noodle - RaceLine Tire Inserts €64.13 Pepi's Tire NoodleRaceLine Tire Inserts