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rear shocks (16 products)


The shock absorption of the rear triangle not only provides greater comfort, but also more control of the bicycle. The suspension of the rear triangle guarantees the best grip on uneven terrain and maximum safety at high speeds. Thanks to modern shock absorbers, mountain bikes can now be used on routes that were considered impassable a few years ago.

Thanks to a well-adjusted shock, you will go faster and safer! High-quality shocks offer a wide range of adjustment options, so you can fine-tune your bike. In addition to adjusting rebound damping and spring preload, some shocks, for example, offer adjustable compression damping at low and high speeds. This is especially important during the race - keeping the track level will save valuable time on the track, which in turn can be a decisive factor in winning or losing.

We offer various shock absorbers by: Manitou, Marzocchi and Rock Shox.