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shifters/grip-shifters (24 products)

Add to cartShimano - Deore SL-M6000 Shift Lever (2/3x10-Speed) €28.34 ShimanoDeore SL-M6000 Shift Lever (2/3x10-Speed)Add to cartSRAM - NX Eagle™ Trigger Shifter Right (12-speed) €37.86 SRAMNX Eagle™ Trigger Shifter Right (12-speed)112 gAdd to cartShimano - Shimano SLX M7000 Shifter From €29.96 €37.86ShimanoShimano SLX M7000 ShifterAdd to cartSRAM - GX Eagle™ Trigger Shifter €40.23 SRAMGX Eagle™ Trigger Shifter122 gAdd to cartShimano - Deore SL-M6000 Shift Lever (2/3x10-Speed) From €23.48 €28.34ShimanoDeore SL-M6000 Shift Lever (2/3x10-Speed)Add to cartSRAM - GX 2x11 X-ACTUATION™ Trigger Shifters From €40.05 €47.38SRAMGX 2x11 X-ACTUATION™ Trigger ShiftersAdd to cartSRAM - NX 11-speed X-ACTUATION™ Grip Shift €45.01 SRAMNX 11-speed X-ACTUATION™ Grip Shift144 gAdd to cartSRAM - GX 2x10 EXACT ACTUATION™ Trigger Shifters From €28.60 €40.23SRAMGX 2x10 EXACT ACTUATION™ Trigger ShiftersAdd to cartShimano - 105 ST-5700 Road Shift/Lever Set From €82.20 €102.14Shimano105 ST-5700 Road Shift/Lever SetAdd to cartTruvativ - HammerSchmidt Shifter From €24.60 €33.10TruvativHammerSchmidt ShifterAdd to cartShimano - XTR M9000 11 Speed Trigger Shifter €106.90 ShimanoXTR M9000 11 Speed Trigger ShifterAdd to cartShimano - Alivio M4000 V-Brake 9 Speed Shifter €19.52 ShimanoAlivio M4000 V-Brake 9 Speed ShifterAdd to cartSRAM - X01 Twister Shifter €116.43 SRAMX01 Twister ShifterAdd to cartSRAM - X01 Trigger Shifter 11-speed From €107.54 €154.52SRAMX01 Trigger Shifter 11-speed91 gAdd to cartSRAM - XX1 Trigger Shifter From €131.06 €180.71SRAMXX1 Trigger Shifter91 gAdd to cartReverse - Sram Shifter clamp From €10.85 €14.05ReverseSram Shifter clamp11 gAdd to cartShimano - SAINT SL-M820 10-speed shifter From €52.14 ShimanoSAINT SL-M820 10-speed shifterAdd to cartShimano - Zee SL-M640 Shifter From €24.75 €30.71ShimanoZee SL-M640 Shifter135 gAdd to cartSRAM - X5 2x10 Trigger Shifters From €21.96 €23.57SRAMX5 2x10 Trigger ShiftersAdd to cartSRAM - X7/X9/X0 Trigger Shifter Discrete Clamp €25.95 SRAMX7/X9/X0 Trigger Shifter Discrete ClampAdd to cartAvid - Matchmaker From €21.34 €25.95AvidMatchmaker Add to cartSRAM - X5 Trigger Shifter (9 speed) From €24.99 SRAMX5 Trigger Shifter (9 speed)260 gAdd to cartSRAM - TRIGGER X4 (8 speed) Shifters From €14.05 SRAMTRIGGER X4 (8 speed) ShiftersAdd to cartSRAM - 3.0 COMP Twist Shifter Set (7/8 Speed) From €9.00 €11.67SRAM3.0 COMP Twist Shifter Set (7/8 Speed)216 g