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A suitable bicycle seat is the basis for a comfortable and injury-free ride. No other part of the bike requires such a precise adjustment to the individual needs and anatomy of the user as the saddle. The saddles on newly purchased bikes may suit the user right away, but more often it is necessary to change the saddle to a better fitting one.

Depending on the type of use, the requirements for the saddle vary. For example - while recreational riding on short distances allows a greater margin of error, long-distance trips or competitions require more involvement in the selection, and even a professional fitting.

Depending on the type of bike (and the discipline), the saddles come in a traditional form - these are equipped with rods and are mounted on the seatpost, pivotal type saddles and those with an integrated seatpost. Saddles also differ in width, hardness and material.

We offer saddles from the following manufacturers: Accent, Burgtec, Chromag, Creme Cycles, DaBomb, Dartmoor, Eclat, Ergon, Fabric, Fizik, Force, Funn, Octane One, PRO, Prologo, Reverse, San Marco, Selle Italia, Selle Royal, TAG Metals, Total BMX, Velo Prox, Voxom, WTB.

WTB - Koda Steel Saddle From €31.14 €39.79WTBKoda Steel Saddle315 gWTB - SL8 Cromoly Saddle From €55.62 €73.47WTBSL8 Cromoly Saddle266 gWTB - Volt Titanium Saddle From €96.46 €128.22WTBVolt Titanium Saddle208 gWTB - Volt Steel Saddle From €28.67 €39.79WTBVolt Steel Saddle292 gDartmoor - Arrow Saddle From €27.27 €37.00DartmoorArrow Saddle279 gPRO - Turnix Saddle From €51.99 €74.11PROTurnix Saddle240 gDartmoor - Fatty Combo / Ride Your Way Seat From €24.55 €34.00DartmoorFatty Combo / Ride Your Way Seat356 gDartmoor - Fatty Pivotal/ Ride Your Way Seat From €25.71 €34.99DartmoorFatty Pivotal/ Ride Your Way Seat329 gReverse - Fort Will Saddle From €17.36 €25.06ReverseFort Will Saddle238 gWTB - Silverado Cromoly Saddle From €54.96 €73.47WTBSilverado Cromoly Saddle265 gWTB - Speed Steel Seat From €28.67 €39.79WTBSpeed Steel Seat379 gWTB - Speed She Cromoly Seat From €51.86 €73.47WTBSpeed She Cromoly Seat296 gWTB - Speed She Steel Seat From €28.67 €39.79WTBSpeed She Steel Seat325 gWTB - Pure Cromoly Saddle From €49.20 €73.47WTBPure Cromoly Saddle340 gFabric - Line-S Race Flat Seat From €68.72 €86.10FabricLine-S Race Flat Seat230 gChromag - TRAILMASTER DT Seat [2012] From €112.70 €133.69ChromagTRAILMASTER DT Seat [2012]320 gWTB - Volt Cromoly Saddle From €50.32 €73.47WTBVolt Cromoly Saddle290 gDartmoor - Trail V.2 Seat From €24.96 €34.99DartmoorTrail V.2 Seat258 gDartmoor - Lite Combo/ Ride Your Way From €21.39 €31.00DartmoorLite Combo/ Ride Your Way265 gWTB - Rocket Cromoly Saddle From €51.86 €73.47WTBRocket Cromoly Saddle306 gWTB - Rocket Steel Saddle From €30.57 €39.79WTBRocket Steel Saddle318 gReverse - Ergo AM Seat From €35.37 €41.89ReverseErgo AM Seat259 gWTB - Koda Deva Saddle From €28.67 €39.79WTBKoda Deva Saddle305 gTotal BMX - BRIT Seat From €21.80 €27.16Total BMXBRIT Seat244 gEclat - UNIFY Combo Unpadded Seat From €15.29 €22.95EclatUNIFY Combo Unpadded Seat247 g > > > > >Eclat - COMPLEX Combo Unpadded Seat From €10.38 €20.84EclatCOMPLEX Combo Unpadded Seat182 gEclat - GONZO Unpadded Seat From €10.80 €22.94EclatGONZO Unpadded Seat193 gWTB - Pure Steel Saddle From €26.64 €39.79WTBPure Steel Saddle345 gFunn - THRONE II Saddle with steel rails €18.73 FunnTHRONE II Saddle with steel rails300 gDartmoor - Player Saddle €32.00 DartmoorPlayer Saddle268 gDartmoor - Slim Combo Seat €29.00 DartmoorSlim Combo Seat338 gReverse - Fort Will Black Style Saddle €33.47 ReverseFort Will Black Style Saddle238 gDartmoor - Ferns Seat €24.99 DartmoorFerns Seat316 gFunn - THRONE II Saddle with Cr-Mo rails €25.06 FunnTHRONE II Saddle with Cr-Mo rails300 gDartmoor - Trail Seat €34.99 DartmoorTrail Seat249 gReverse - Fort Will White Style Seat €31.37 ReverseFort Will White Style Seat238 gWTB - Silverado Titanium Saddle €128.22 WTBSilverado Titanium Saddle200 gFunn - Adlib Seat €33.47 FunnAdlib SeatWTB - Comfort Steel Seat €39.79 WTBComfort Steel Seat390 gDartmoor - Streetfighter Saddle €32.00 DartmoorStreetfighter Saddle439 gDartmoor - Primal Saddle €38.99 DartmoorPrimal Saddle185 g > > > > >Accent - EVO Carbon Saddle €157.69 AccentEVO Carbon Saddle150 gPRO - Griffon AF Carbon Saddle From €122.10 PROGriffon AF Carbon Saddle181 gPRO - Griffon Carbon Saddle From €124.43 PROGriffon Carbon Saddle182 gDartmoor - Trail JR Seat €23.00 DartmoorTrail JR Seat279 gFabric - Scoop Elite Radius Seat €52.42 FabricScoop Elite Radius SeatFabric - Line Elite Shallow Seat €60.85 FabricLine Elite Shallow Seat250 gFabric - Scoop Elite Flat Seat €62.95 FabricScoop Elite Flat Seat254 gFabric - Cell Seat €62.95 FabricCell Seat355 gOctane One - Phoam Seat €32.90 Octane OnePhoam Seat260 gOctane One - Crit Seat €47.90 Octane OneCrit Seat265 gCreme Cycles - SPEEDY SADDLE €109.00 Creme CyclesSPEEDY SADDLEOctane One - Combo Seat €29.90 Octane OneCombo Seat355 gFabric - Scoop Elite Shallow Seat €73.47 FabricScoop Elite Shallow SeatFabric - Line Race Shallow Seat €92.42 FabricLine Race Shallow Seat237 gOctane One - Rocket DH Seat €49.90 Octane OneRocket DH SeatWTB - Silverado Steel Saddle €39.79 WTBSilverado Steel Saddle295 gChromag - Trailmaster DT Seat €84.00 ChromagTrailmaster DT Seat305 gChromag - Lift Saddle €84.00 ChromagLift Saddle351 gChromag - Overture Saddle €67.16 ChromagOverture Saddle279 gVoxom - Saddle SA21 Tour/Sport €44.21 VoxomSaddle SA21 Tour/Sport260 gReverse - Fort Will White Style €27.16 ReverseFort Will White Style238 gOctane One - Pivotal Seat €35.90 Octane OnePivotal Seat340 g