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rear derailleurs (52 products)

SRAM - GX 2x11 Rear Derailleur€133.10SRAMGX 2x11 Rear Derailleur289 gSRAM - Pulleys and inner cage for XX1 rear derailleur€83.10SRAMPulleys and inner cage for XX1 rear derailleurSRAM - NX Eagle™ Rear Derailleur€102.14SRAMNX Eagle™ Rear DerailleurSRAM - Pulleys and inner cage for GX Eagle rear derailleur€37.86SRAMPulleys and inner cage for GX Eagle rear derailleurSRAM - Force 22 Aero Rear derailleur€103.57SRAMForce 22 Aero Rear derailleurSRAM - Force22 Rear Derailleur Pulley Kit€21.40SRAMForce22 Rear Derailleur Pulley KitShimano - Shimano Deore M6000 Shadow+ 10 Speed Rear Derailleur€52.14ShimanoShimano Deore M6000 Shadow+ 10 Speed Rear DerailleurSRAM - GX Eagle™ Rear Derailleur€111.67SRAMGX Eagle™ Rear Derailleur290 gMortop - Jockey Wheel Ceramic€17.86MortopJockey Wheel CeramicShimano - 105 RD-5800SS 11 Speed Jockey Wheels€7.12Shimano105 RD-5800SS 11 Speed Jockey WheelsSRAM - X1 X-HORIZON™ Rear Derailleur€133.10SRAMX1 X-HORIZON™ Rear Derailleur263 gShimano - SORA Rear Derailleur RD-3000 9-speedFrom €25.95ShimanoSORA Rear Derailleur RD-3000 9-speedSRAM - NX 1x11 X-HORIZON™ Rear Derailleur€75.95SRAMNX 1x11 X-HORIZON™ Rear Derailleur322 gShimano - XT M8000 11 Speed Rear Mech€83.31ShimanoXT M8000 11 Speed Rear Mech271 gSRAM - GX Type 2.1 10 speed Rear Derailleur€68.81SRAMGX Type 2.1 10 speed Rear DerailleurShimano - Tiagra RD-4700 10 Speed Rear Derailleur€35.47ShimanoTiagra RD-4700 10 Speed Rear DerailleurTacx - Jockey Whels Stainless Steel Bearings€15.69TacxJockey Whels Stainless Steel BearingsTacx - Jockey Wheels Sealed BearingsFrom €10.69TacxJockey Wheels Sealed BearingsTacx - Jockey Wheels Ceramic Bearings€30.71TacxJockey Wheels Ceramic BearingsTacx - Jockey Wheels - SRAM Fit€17.84TacxJockey Wheels - SRAM FitShimano - Jockey Wheels Alivio RMD430€4.74ShimanoJockey Wheels Alivio RMD430Shimano - Alivio T4000 Trekking 9 Speed Rear DerailleurFrom €29.91 €32.14ShimanoAlivio T4000 Trekking 9 Speed Rear DerailleurShimano - Alivio M4000 Shadow 9 Speed Rear DerailleurFrom €32.23 €34.53ShimanoAlivio M4000 Shadow 9 Speed Rear DerailleurShimano - Deore RD-M592 Rear Derailleur€47.38ShimanoDeore RD-M592 Rear DerailleurShimano - Ultegra RD-6800/6870 11 Speed Jockey Wheels€15.47ShimanoUltegra RD-6800/6870 11 Speed Jockey WheelsShimano - Dura-Ace RD-9000/9070 Jockey Wheels€24.99ShimanoDura-Ace RD-9000/9070 Jockey WheelsShimano - Shimano RDM590/M660 SLX 9/10 Speed Jockey Wheel Pulley€4.53ShimanoShimano RDM590/M660 SLX 9/10 Speed Jockey Wheel PulleySRAM - Jockey Wheels for X7/X9 Type 2€23.57SRAMJockey Wheels for X7/X9 Type 2SRAM - Rival 22 Aero Rear derailleur€59.29SRAMRival 22 Aero Rear derailleur180 gShimano - SLX/Deore Dyna Sys RD-M675/M670/M663/M640/M593 Jockey Wheels€6.41ShimanoSLX/Deore Dyna Sys RD-M675/M670/M663/M640/M593 Jockey WheelsShimano - XT Dyna Sys RD-M786/M781/M780/M773 Jockey Wheels€11.88ShimanoXT Dyna Sys RD-M786/M781/M780/M773 Jockey WheelsShimano - XTR Dyna Sys RDM986/M985/M981/M980 Jockey Wheels€34.28ShimanoXTR Dyna Sys RDM986/M985/M981/M980 Jockey WheelsShimano - LX/DEORE/5700/4600 Jockey Wheels€8.81ShimanoLX/DEORE/5700/4600 Jockey WheelsShimano - XTR Jockey Wheels€32.14ShimanoXTR Jockey WheelsShimano - Jockey Wheels for Ultegra, XT and Saint€13.10ShimanoJockey Wheels for Ultegra, XT and SaintShimano - XT Shadow 10sp M781 Rear Derailleur€61.67ShimanoXT Shadow 10sp M781 Rear Derailleur230 gShimano - Deore M610 10 Speed Rear Derailleur€37.86ShimanoDeore M610 10 Speed Rear Derailleur299 gShimano - XTR Shadow RD-M981 Rear Derailleur€161.67ShimanoXTR Shadow RD-M981 Rear Derailleur179 gShimano - 105 RD-5701-SS /GS Rear DerailleurFrom €40.45Shimano105 RD-5701-SS /GS Rear Derailleur221 gShimano - SLX RD-M670 Rear Derailleur (10 speed) €45.01 €52.14ShimanoSLX RD-M670 Rear Derailleur (10 speed) 281 gShimano - Deore XT RD-M786 Shadow Plus Rear derailleur€80.71ShimanoDeore XT RD-M786 Shadow Plus Rear derailleur249 gShimano - SAINT RD-M820 10-speed Rear derailleur €128.34ShimanoSAINT RD-M820 10-speed Rear derailleur 274 gSRAM - X5 Rear Derailleur 9-speed€49.74SRAMX5 Rear Derailleur 9-speed299 gShimano - Deore RD-M591 Rear DerailleurFrom €32.23 €38.81ShimanoDeore RD-M591 Rear Derailleur295 gShimano - Zee RD-M640 Rear Derailleur€59.29ShimanoZee RD-M640 Rear Derailleur250 gMortop - Jockey Wheel€11.66MortopJockey Wheel5 gBBB - BDP-05 Rollerboys 11T Ceramic Jockey Wheels€15.69BBBBDP-05 Rollerboys 11T Ceramic Jockey WheelsSRAM - X5 Rear Derailleur 10-speedFrom €45.73 €53.57SRAMX5 Rear Derailleur 10-speed250 gSRAM - Jockey Wheels (X0 and X9)From €32.85 €45.01SRAMJockey Wheels (X0 and X9)Shimano - XT M772 Shadow 9-Speed Rear Derailleur€66.43ShimanoXT M772 Shadow 9-Speed Rear Derailleur228 gSRAM - X3 Rear Derailleur€18.81SRAMX3 Rear Derailleur210 gSRAM - X4 Rear Derailleur€25.95SRAMX4 Rear Derailleur304 g