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ProTaper - Aluminium Pedals€118.81ProTaperAluminium Pedals350 gOneUp - Aluminum Pedals€132.14OneUpAluminum Pedals365 gOneUp - Composite Pedals€49.00OneUpComposite Pedals355 gTime - Replacement cleats for the iClic pedal systemFrom €20.23TimeReplacement cleats for the iClic pedal systemLook Cycle - Keo Blade Carbon Ceramic Pedals€195.24Look CycleKeo Blade Carbon Ceramic PedalsCrank Brothers - Stamp 1 Pedals€49.77Crank BrothersStamp 1 PedalsOctane One - OHM Pedals€19.99Octane OneOHM PedalsDaBomb - VS-50 Platform PedalsFrom €25.95DaBombVS-50 Platform PedalsDaBomb - Fireball Platform PedalsFrom €23.57DaBombFireball Platform PedalsSixpack - Vertic Pedals€130.71SixpackVertic Pedals354 gXLC - Vegas Nylon PedalsFrom €32.78 €37.86XLCVegas Nylon PedalsXLC - PD-M12 Platform PedalsFrom €59.96 €64.05XLCPD-M12 Platform Pedals350 gXLC - PD-M14 Platform Pedals€102.14XLCPD-M14 Platform Pedals320 gXLC - PD-M20 Platform Pedals€83.10XLCPD-M20 Platform PedalsSpecialized - Boomslang Platform Pedals€166.43SpecializedBoomslang Platform Pedals431 gSpecialized - Bennies Platform Pedals€95.01SpecializedBennies Platform Pedals430 gNS Bikes - Radiance PedalsFrom €119.00NS BikesRadiance PedalsShimano - SAINT Pedals PD-M828€130.71ShimanoSAINT Pedals PD-M828477 gShimano - XT PD-M8040 MTB Pedals€85.47ShimanoXT PD-M8040 MTB Pedals514 gShimano - Zee PD-GR500 Flat Pedals€54.53ShimanoZee PD-GR500 Flat Pedals535 gShimano - M324 Pedals€45.01ShimanoM324 PedalsRace Face - Chester Flat Pedals€59.29Race FaceChester Flat Pedals340 gNukeproof - Horizon CS CrMo DH Pedals€123.57NukeproofHorizon CS CrMo DH Pedals526 gNukeproof - Horizon CS CrMo Trail Pedals€123.57NukeproofHorizon CS CrMo Trail Pedals432 gNukeproof - Horizon Pro Flat Pedals€92.62NukeproofHorizon Pro Flat Pedals430 gCrank Brothers - Mallet E LS Pedals [2017]€166.43Crank BrothersMallet E LS Pedals [2017]424 gShimano - SM-SH10 Road CleatsFrom €15.45 €21.00ShimanoSM-SH10 Road CleatsShimano - SM-SH12 Road Cleats€16.67 €21.00ShimanoSM-SH12 Road CleatsOctane One - Nylon Pedals€13.90Octane OneNylon Pedals335 gOctane One - Belter Pedals€46.90Octane OneBelter Pedals370 gSixpack - Icon Alu Pedals€90.23SixpackIcon Alu Pedals408 gSixpack - Vegas Nylon Pedals€42.62SixpackVegas Nylon Pedals365 gSixpack - Menace Pedals€52.14SixpackMenace Pedals438 gNukeproof - Horizon Comp PedalsFrom €41.92 €45.01NukeproofHorizon Comp Pedals318 gDaBomb - Bullet Clip Pedals€95.01DaBombBullet Clip Pedals356 gHT - X2 Pedals€161.67HTX2 Pedals460 gHT - T1 PedalsFrom €128.34HTT1 Pedals368 gNukeproof - Horizon Pro Sam Hill Flat Pedals€95.01NukeproofHorizon Pro Sam Hill Flat Pedals430 gShimano - SM-SH11 Road Cleats€16.67 €21.00ShimanoSM-SH11 Road CleatsShimano - SMSH51/52 Nut for SPD Cleats€2.85ShimanoSMSH51/52 Nut for SPD CleatsCrank Brothers - Candy 7 Pedals€166.43Crank BrothersCandy 7 Pedals320 gCrank Brothers - Mallet E Pedals€166.43Crank BrothersMallet E Pedals419 gShimano - Deore XT PD-M8000 SPD Pedals€85.47ShimanoDeore XT PD-M8000 SPD PedalsMavic - Crossride SL Pedals€64.05MavicCrossride SL PedalsNS Bikes - Nylon Pedals€15.90NS BikesNylon Pedals355 gNS Bikes - Aerial Pedals (sealed bearings)From €59.00NS BikesAerial Pedals (sealed bearings)455 gNS Bikes - Aerial Pedals (loose ball)From €29.90NS BikesAerial Pedals (loose ball)440 gDartmoor - Candy Pedals€14.99DartmoorCandy Pedals330 gRace Face - Aeffect Pedals [2015]€104.53Race FaceAeffect Pedals [2015]375 gRace Face - Atlas Pedals€152.14Race FaceAtlas Pedals355 gFunn - Mamba One-Sided Pedals€104.53FunnMamba One-Sided Pedals450 gCrank Brothers - Mallet DH Race Pedals€166.43Crank BrothersMallet DH Race Pedals479 gShimano - R540 SPD-SL Light Action Clipless Pedals€42.62ShimanoR540 SPD-SL Light Action Clipless Pedals330 gShimano - R540 SPD-SL Road Pedals€42.85ShimanoR540 SPD-SL Road Pedals330 gShimano - 105 5800 SPD-SL Carbon Road Pedals€99.77Shimano105 5800 SPD-SL Carbon Road Pedals285 gMavic - Replacement cleats for the iClic pedal system€19.03MavicReplacement cleats for the iClic pedal systemNukeproof - Electron EVO Pedals€37.86NukeproofElectron EVO Pedals354 gOctane One - NYLON PedalsFrom €13.27 €15.90Octane OneNYLON Pedals355 gHT - PA01A Pedals with steel pinsFrom €35.33 €37.86HTPA01A Pedals with steel pins350 gSpank - Oozy Trail Flat Pedals€135.47SpankOozy Trail Flat Pedals360 gHT - X1 Pedals€95.01HTX1 Pedals470 gMortop - Pro X Ti Pedals [2014]€142.62MortopPro X Ti Pedals [2014]218 gMortop - Pro X Cr-Mo Pedals€85.47MortopPro X Cr-Mo Pedals268 gVP - VP-59 Pedals€54.53VPVP-59 Pedals383 gShimano - Shimano M530 SPD Trail MTB Pedals€37.86ShimanoShimano M530 SPD Trail MTB Pedals455 gDartmoor - Candy Pro Nylon Platform€12.13DartmoorCandy Pro Nylon PlatformDartmoor - Candy Pro Pedals€31.99DartmoorCandy Pro Pedals295 gHT - PA12 Pedals with plastic pinsFrom €16.94 €21.19HTPA12 Pedals with plastic pins326 gReverse - Escape Pedals€75.95ReverseEscape Pedals406 gHT - EVO AE03 PedalsFrom €129.58 €137.86HTEVO AE03 Pedals352 gHope - F20 Flat Pedals€149.76HopeF20 Flat Pedals390 gSpank - Spike Flat Pedals€123.57SpankSpike Flat Pedals420 gCrank Brothers - Shoe Shields€14.05Crank BrothersShoe Shields8 gHT - AN03A Pedals€59.90HTAN03A Pedals483 gDartmoor - Fever V.2 PedalsFrom €101.08DartmoorFever V.2 Pedals395 gShimano - SM-SH51 Shoe Adapter with CleatFrom €8.52 €10.69ShimanoSM-SH51 Shoe Adapter with CleatShimano - SM-SH56 Shoe Adapter with Cleat€10.69ShimanoSM-SH56 Shoe Adapter with CleatHT - EVO AE01 Pedals€102.14HTEVO AE01 Pedals358 gHT - PA12A Pedals with steel pinsFrom €28.66 €33.10HTPA12A Pedals with steel pins350 gCrank Brothers - Candy 11 Ti Pedals €475.95Crank BrothersCandy 11 Ti Pedals 1.4 kgCrank Brothers - Candy 3 Pedals €142.62Crank BrothersCandy 3 Pedals 304 gCrank Brothers - Candy 2 PedalsFrom €79.43 €104.53Crank BrothersCandy 2 Pedals360 gCrank Brothers - Candy 1 Pedals€68.81Crank BrothersCandy 1 Pedals262 gCrank Brothers - Eggbeater 11 Ti Pedals€475.95Crank BrothersEggbeater 11 Ti Pedals174 gCrank Brothers - Eggbeater 3 Pedals [2012]€142.62Crank BrothersEggbeater 3 Pedals [2012]278 gCrank Brothers - Eggbeater 2 Pedals €83.09Crank BrothersEggbeater 2 Pedals 272 gCrank Brothers - Eggbeater 1 Pedals €68.81Crank BrothersEggbeater 1 Pedals 256 gCrank Brothers - MALLET 3 Pedals €137.86Crank BrothersMALLET 3 Pedals 435 gShimano - M545 Clipless SPD MTB Pedals€68.81ShimanoM545 Clipless SPD MTB Pedals567 gDartmoor - STREAM PedalsFrom €24.00DartmoorSTREAM Pedals440 gDartmoor - STREAM PRO PedalsFrom €48.99DartmoorSTREAM PRO Pedals440 gDartmoor - COOKIE PedalsFrom €15.25 €17.00DartmoorCOOKIE Pedals315 gShimano - PD-M647 SPD Pedals€80.71ShimanoPD-M647 SPD Pedals568 gShimano - SPD PD-M540 Pedals€52.14ShimanoSPD PD-M540 Pedals352 gShimano - M424 Clipless SPD MTB Pedals€45.01ShimanoM424 Clipless SPD MTB Pedals547 gShimano - M520 Clipless SPD Pedals€33.10ShimanoM520 Clipless SPD Pedals380 gCrank Brothers - Premium Pedal Cleats€30.71Crank BrothersPremium Pedal Cleats30 g