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Bicycle frames (16 of 49 products)

Mountain biking is the most diverse area of cycling. It applies in particular to the very “spine” of every bicycle - the frame. 

Bicycle frames can be divided according to various criteria. We can categorize them according to the material from which they were made (i.e. carbon fibre, aluminium or steel), but also its type or size. However, in the final choice, all these properties should be in line with what we expect from it. Therefore, when deciding to buy, pay attention to the fact that the bicycle frame should be tailored to your needs. In our store, you will find frames for all types, like MTB frames for freeride, dirt and downhill, as well as lightweight enduro frames. Depending on your purpose and preferences, you can choose between a hardtail frame or one with full suspension.

We offer frames of the following brands: Accent, Dartmoor, Marin, NS Bikes, Octane One.