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suspension forks (33 products)


The first suspension forks appeared in the 90s and have evolved since then along the development of mountain biking. Back in the day, the pioneers of sport used to get beat up mercilessly. Until today, suspension forks have evolved to the level that even an amateur can easily ride off-road, which was once a huge challenge.

Suspension forks are perfect not only for downhill cycling, but also in other areas that require riding on uneven surfaces, such as enduro or freeride, or those based on jumping, such as acrobatics in the skate park.

The task of a suspension fork is:

Eliminating the effects of riding on uneven terrain thanks to which less vibration is transferred to the shoulders, and thus to the entire upper body. This makes riding much more comfortable.

  1. Improving the contact ground-wheel contact. If you run over an apple-sized rock not using a bike with shock absorber, the front wheel might jump and slide. The shock absorber will flex and the wheel will roll without significantly affecting the direction of travel.
  2. In addition, the suspension in the fork opens up a whole world of cycling tricks for you - jumps, drops and amazing acrobatics.

Suspension forks are also often found on trekking bikes, as a little extra comfort is always welcome on long bike rides.

We offer products of the following brands: Formula, Manitou, Marzocchi, RST, Rock Shox, SR Suntour.

Rock Shox - ZEB Select 27,5" Boost Fork From €690.67 €838.71-18%Rock ShoxZEB Select 27,5" Boost ForkManitou - Markhor 27,5" Boost Fork €249.00 €376.13-34%ManitouMarkhor 27,5" Boost ForkManitou - Markhor 29 Boost Fork €249.00 €376.13-34%ManitouMarkhor 29 Boost Fork2 kgRST - F1RST 29" Boost Fork €203.15 €365.37-44%RSTF1RST 29" Boost Fork2.1 kgManitou - Circus EXPERT 26" Fork From €470.30 €526.66-11%ManitouCircus EXPERT 26" Fork1.9 kgRock Shox - Lyrik Ultimate Fork 27,5" €1,107.31 €1,214.83-9%Rock ShoxLyrik Ultimate Fork 27,5"Rock Shox - Lyrik Ultimate Fork 29" €1,107.31 €1,214.83-9%Rock ShoxLyrik Ultimate Fork 29"Rock Shox - Lyrik Select Fork 27,5" €838.49 €924.52-9%Rock ShoxLyrik Select Fork 27,5"Rock Shox - Lyrik Select Fork 29" €838.49 €924.52-9%Rock ShoxLyrik Select Fork 29"Rock Shox - ZEB Select Fork 29" €890.10 €978.28-9%Rock ShoxZEB Select Fork 29"Rock Shox - Amortyzator ZEB Ultimate 29" Boost €1,152.68 €1,268.60-9%Rock ShoxAmortyzator ZEB Ultimate 29" BoostRock Shox - Amortyzator ZEB Ultimate 29" Boost €1,152.68 €1,268.60-9%Rock ShoxAmortyzator ZEB Ultimate 29" BoostRock Shox - ZEB Select Fork 27,5" €890.10 €978.28-9%Rock ShoxZEB Select Fork 27,5"Rock Shox - Pike Ultimate Fork 29" €1,047.10 €1,161.07-10%Rock ShoxPike Ultimate Fork 29"Rock Shox - Pike Select Charger RC Fork 29" €773.98 Rock ShoxPike Select Charger RC Fork 29"Rock Shox - Pike Select Charger RC Fork 27,5" €773.98 Rock ShoxPike Select Charger RC Fork 27,5"Rock Shox - ZEB R Fork 27,5" Boost €730.96 Rock ShoxZEB R Fork 27,5" BoostRock Shox - ZEB Ultimate Fork 27,5" Boost €1,053.54 Rock ShoxZEB Ultimate Fork 27,5" BoostManitou - Markhor 29" Fork €311.61 ManitouMarkhor 29" Fork1.7 kgManitou - Markhor 26" Fork €311.61 ManitouMarkhor 26" Fork1.7 kgManitou - Circus COMP 26" Fork €386.88 ManitouCircus COMP 26" Fork2.5 kgRST - Vibe Air 27,5/29" Fork €236.34 RSTVibe Air 27,5/29" Fork3.3 kgRST - Vibe Coil 27,5/29" Fork €193.33 RSTVibe Coil 27,5/29" Fork3.5 kgMarzocchi - Z1 27.5 Boost Fork €976.13 MarzocchiZ1 27.5 Boost ForkRST - Space Jump TA Suspension Fork €354.62 RSTSpace Jump TA Suspension Fork2.6 kgRST - Aerial 29 Fork From €225.59 RSTAerial 29 Fork2.3 kgManitou - Markhor 27,5" Fork €311.61 ManitouMarkhor 27,5" Fork1.7 kgMarzocchi - Z1 27.5 Boost Fork €860.00 MarzocchiZ1 27.5 Boost ForkManitou - Machete 27.5+/29 Fork €429.90 ManitouMachete 27.5+/29 Fork2 kgSR Suntour - XCR Coil RL-R 26" Fork [2014] From €161.07 SR SuntourXCR Coil RL-R 26" Fork [2014]SR Suntour - XCR Air RL-R 26" Fork From €229.89 SR SuntourXCR Air RL-R 26" Fork2.1 kgSR Suntour - Raidon XC RL-R 27,5" Fork [2014] €255.70 SR SuntourRaidon XC RL-R 27,5" Fork [2014]1.9 kgSR Suntour - Axon RL-RC 27,5" Fork €451.40 SR SuntourAxon RL-RC 27,5" Fork1.6 kg