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ISCG 05,
56 g,


Our special Taco Bashguard is designed to protect your chainring from obstacles like logs or rocks. It is hidden behind the crank and mounted to ISCG05 tabs that are located around your bottom bracket. It offers great protection for all kind of chainrings, especially direct mount (spiderless) ones where you can't mount regular 4 bolt bashring.

Taco bashguard can be mounted without the need of crank removal thanks to its open construction. Place Taco behind the crank arm. Try to establish how far the plastic plate is away from the chainring. If it is more than 5-6mm then use provided spacers to bring taco closer to the chainring. Ideally taco should be positioned as close as possible to the chainring itself, but do not use all the spacers to do so. Use no more than 4mm of spacers under each bolt. Once you have established the distance, mount the bolts loosely and position taco in middle of the bolt slots as a starting point or change it to your needs. Tighten bolts with 5-6Nm force.


  • Size (Mass +/-1g): 32T (56g)
  • Color: Graphite
  • Material:
  • plate and bolts: cnc machined 7075 Txxx Aluminum
  • bash: Special polymer with long glass and carbon fibres for increased impact strength
  • Finish: anodized
  • Compatibility: ISCG05 compatible only


Taco Bashguard OV 32T fits up to 32T oval chainring or 34T round one. So you can use it with any chanring from 26T-32T oval or 26T-34T round.

What is included:

  • Taco bashguard (assembled)
  • 6x 1mm spacer
  • 3x 3mm spacer
  • 3x 16mm stainless bolts
  • 1x 12mm stainless bolt

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