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retentions/bashguards (46 products)

XLC - CR-A14 Chain Guide From €22.52 €24.77XLCCR-A14 Chain Guide36 gAdd to cartXLC - CR-A17 Chain Guide From €32.90 €42.95XLCCR-A17 Chain GuideAdd to cartXLC - CR-A16 Chain Guide €38.41 XLCCR-A16 Chain GuideAdd to cartXLC - CR-A15 Chain Guide €54.32 XLCCR-A15 Chain GuideAdd to cartXLC - CR-A04 Chain Tensioner €24.77 XLCCR-A04 Chain TensionerAdd to cartXLC - CR-A04 Singlespeed Chain Tensioner €20.23 XLCCR-A04 Singlespeed Chain TensionerAdd to cartXLC - CR-A20 Direct Mount Chain Guide €35.20 XLCCR-A20 Direct Mount Chain GuideAdd to cartXLC - CR-A19 Chain Guide €20.23 XLCCR-A19 Chain Guide59 gAdd to cartXLC - CR-A11 Chain Guide €39.75 XLCCR-A11 Chain GuideAdd to cartDaBomb - Recoil GSX 3in1 Chain Tensioner €45.23 DaBombRecoil GSX 3in1 Chain Tensioner118 gAdd to cartDaBomb - SCG Chain Guide €17.96 DaBombSCG Chain Guide28 gAdd to cartSpecialized - Mini Chain Guide €24.77 SpecializedMini Chain GuideAdd to cartAbsoluteBlack - BashRing 104mm From €34.77 €44.32AbsoluteBlackBashRing 104mmAdd to cartAbsoluteBlack - OVAL Guide™ HDM €59.09 AbsoluteBlackOVAL Guide™ HDM29 gAdd to cartAbsoluteBlack - OVAL Guide™ S3/ E-type €53.41 AbsoluteBlackOVAL Guide™ S3/ E-type17 gAdd to cartAbsoluteBlack - OVAL Guide™ ISCG05-BSA Chain Guide From €42.73 €53.41AbsoluteBlackOVAL Guide™ ISCG05-BSA Chain GuideAdd to cartAbsoluteBlack - OVAL Guide™ ISCG05 €55.68 AbsoluteBlackOVAL Guide™ ISCG0522 gAdd to cartAbsoluteBlack - Oval Bash Guide ISCG05 €95.45 AbsoluteBlackOval Bash Guide ISCG0569 gAdd to cartAbsoluteBlack - Taco Bashguard From €61.54 €64.77AbsoluteBlackTaco Bashguard56 gAdd to cartDaBomb - Recoil GSX + X-Guard Chain Tensioner From €48.84 €61.13DaBombRecoil GSX + X-Guard Chain Tensioner92 gAdd to cartDartmoor - Keeper ISCG Tensioner €42.62 DartmoorKeeper ISCG Tensioner42 gAdd to cartDartmoor - Keeper ISCG BASH Tensioner €63.10 DartmoorKeeper ISCG BASH Tensioner102 gAdd to cartMozartt - Presto Steel Chain Guide €40.69 MozarttPresto Steel Chain Guide199 gAdd to cartOctane One - Bashguard solo for EVO chainguide €23.90 Octane OneBashguard solo for EVO chainguideAdd to cartDartmoor - Trail One/ Trail Two Taco €20.21 DartmoorTrail One/ Trail Two TacoAdd to cartDartmoor - Trail One/ Trail Two Chainguide backplate €32.14 DartmoorTrail One/ Trail Two Chainguide backplateAdd to cartMozartt - Presto Chainguide €67.96 MozarttPresto Chainguide152 gAdd to cartOctane One - Bashguard solo for EVO chainguide €15.90 Octane OneBashguard solo for EVO chainguideAdd to cartDartmoor - ISCG Adapter €9.98 DartmoorISCG AdapterAdd to cartDartmoor - Keeper Single Ring Chain guide €23.79 DartmoorKeeper Single Ring Chain guide44 gAdd to cartDartmoor - Trail One Chain guide From €87.86 DartmoorTrail One Chain guide185 gAdd to cartReverse - ISCG Adapter From €8.97 €10.22ReverseISCG AdapterAdd to cartReverse - X1-B Chain Guide €72.50 ReverseX1-B Chain Guide204 gAdd to cartHope - Finger Chain Guide From €48.43 €54.32HopeFinger Chain GuideAdd to cartHope - 1X Chainguide From €36.38 €54.32Hope1X ChainguideAdd to cartHope - Bash Ring 104mm €45.23 HopeBash Ring 104mm80 gAdd to cartMozartt - Forte Chainguide €29.32 MozarttForte Chainguide59 gAdd to cartTruvativ - Box Guide €14.98 TruvativBox GuideAdd to cartMozartt - WG Chain guide From €46.57 €72.50MozarttWG Chain guide190 gAdd to cartNo name - SSP-12US-1 Chain tensioner From €22.66 €27.05No nameSSP-12US-1 Chain tensioner112 gAdd to cartE13 - TurboCharger Bashguard [2010] From €22.74 €38.41E13TurboCharger Bashguard [2010]96 gAdd to cartDartmoor - LITE Chain Tensioner €10.21 DartmoorLITE Chain Tensioner12 gAdd to cartDartmoor - CONQUEST Rockring €20.43 €36.14DartmoorCONQUEST Rockring75 gAdd to cartDartmoor - SIMPLE Chain guide €35.47 DartmoorSIMPLE Chain guideAdd to cartShaman Racing - DH Rockring €11.13 €20.23Shaman RacingDH RockringAdd to cartNo name - SSP-11 Chain tensioner From €10.87 €12.04No nameSSP-11 Chain tensionerAdd to cart