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cassetes and drivers (52 products)

The cassette is an integral part of the bicycle's drive. It is mounted on the rear wheel cylinder - these two elements must work together. The cassette is made of several or a dozen laces, sometimes partially or completely joined together. The number of sprockets is the number of "rows" of the drive. Currently, 10, 11 and 12-speed cassettes are commonly used in MTB and road bikes. As the past has shown, it should not be assumed that manufacturers of bicycle accessories will stop there. Cassettes with fewer rows are still found on city and trekking bikes.

There are two reasons why you should have a look at your bike's cassette. First, the teeth of the cassette are subject to constant wear. You can prevent this from happening by regularly cleaning the drive and lubricating the chain properly, with regular cleaning and the correct chain lubricant, but if your gears stop shifting smoothly and quietly, you will need a cassette change.

In our offer you will find not only products from leading giants such as Shimano or SRAM, but also, for example, Sunrace and Force.

Singlespeed drives are a separate separate category. Here we can choose the products of the following brands: A2Z, AbsoluteBlack
Bicyklon, Chosen, DaBomb, Dartmoor, Force, Hope, NS Bikes, Octane One, Reverse.

Reverse - Single Speed Sprocket From €7.47 €10.50ReverseSingle Speed Sprocket > > > > >Reverse - Single Speed Converter From €19.04 €25.06ReverseSingle Speed Converter > > > > >Shimano - CS-HG51 8-speed Cassette From €11.46 €14.69ShimanoCS-HG51 8-speed CassetteSRAM - PG-830 Cassette (8-speed) From €14.07 €18.52SRAMPG-830 Cassette (8-speed)300 gShimano - ALFINE CS S500 Sprocket [2016] From €7.43 €9.68ShimanoALFINE CS S500 Sprocket [2016]SunRace - MX8 11 Speed Shimano - SRAM Cassette From €84.08 €87.37SunRaceMX8 11 Speed Shimano - SRAM Cassette401 gShimano - CS-HG41 8 Speed MTB Cassette From €9.69 €12.41ShimanoCS-HG41 8 Speed MTB CassetteSRAM - PG-1030 Cassette From €51.32 €66.32SRAMPG-1030 CassetteOctane One - Booster 42T Chainring From €29.61 €59.90Octane OneBooster 42T Chainring80 g > > > > >Hope - T-Rex 40T Sprocket From €43.95 €73.47HopeT-Rex 40T Sprocket74 gNS Bikes - NS Bikes Rotary Single 10t 2018-2020 / Octane One Orbital Single Driver From €33.59 €59.00NS BikesNS Bikes Rotary Single 10t 2018-2020 / Octane One Orbital Single DriverSRAM - PG-720 Cassette From €27.07 €33.47SRAMPG-720 Cassette224 gSRAM - PG-1030 Cassette (10-speed) From €39.70 €52.42SRAMPG-1030 Cassette (10-speed)DaBomb - Scroll 10Spd-7Spd Converter From €27.86 €41.89DaBombScroll 10Spd-7Spd Converter39 gShimano - CS-HG 31 8-speed Cassette From €9.08 €11.13ShimanoCS-HG 31 8-speed CassetteSRAM - PG-1070 Cassette (10-speed) From €62.32 €84.00SRAMPG-1070 Cassette (10-speed)220 gChosen - A5557B-14 Driver From €20.77 €31.37ChosenA5557B-14 DriverChosen - A5365BP-14 Driver From €20.77 €31.37ChosenA5365BP-14 DriverSRAM - PG-850 Road Cassette (8-speed) From €18.98 €29.47SRAMPG-850 Road Cassette (8-speed)220 gA2Z - AD ONE Speed Converter From €10.00 €14.11A2ZAD ONE Speed ConverterSRAM - PG-1050 Cassette (10-speed) From €52.75 €69.26SRAMPG-1050 Cassette (10-speed)Shimano - Deore XT CS-M770 9 Speed Cassette From €49.89 €57.90ShimanoDeore XT CS-M770 9 Speed CassetteSRAM - PG-820 Cassette (8-speed) From €12.93 €17.90SRAMPG-820 Cassette (8-speed)SRAM - PG-850 Cassette (8-speed) From €18.09 €25.06SRAMPG-850 Cassette (8-speed)296 gSRAM - PG-970 Cassette (9-speed) From €31.89 €39.79SRAMPG-970 Cassette (9-speed)330 gSRAM - PG-950 Cassette From €23.60 €31.37SRAMPG-950 Cassette230 gSRAM - PG-1170 Cassette (11-speed) From €71.04 €102.95SRAMPG-1170 Cassette (11-speed)SRAM - PG-730 Cassette From €11.82 €15.79SRAMPG-730 Cassette302 gShimano - Tiagra CS-HG500 HG Cassette (10-speed) €26.48 ShimanoTiagra CS-HG500 HG Cassette (10-speed)Shimano - Shimano Tiagra CS-HG50 9 Speed Road Cassette From €19.50 ShimanoShimano Tiagra CS-HG50 9 Speed Road CassetteShimano - 105 CS-5700 Cassette (10-speed) €45.45 Shimano105 CS-5700 Cassette (10-speed)261 gShimano - CS-HG41 7 Speed MTB Cassette €10.61 ShimanoCS-HG41 7 Speed MTB CassetteDartmoor - Reel Pro Singlespeed hub driver €41.99 DartmoorReel Pro Singlespeed hub driverShimano - CS-HG400 9 Speed Cassette From €17.56 ShimanoCS-HG400 9 Speed CassetteShimano - Shimano SLX M7000 11 Speed Cassette €67.83 ShimanoShimano SLX M7000 11 Speed CassetteSunRace - MS3 10 Speed Shimano - SRAM Cassette €48.22 SunRaceMS3 10 Speed Shimano - SRAM Cassette415 gSRAM - PG-1130 Cassette 11-42 €84.00 SRAMPG-1130 Cassette 11-42538 gSRAM - XG-1190 Cassette €255.79 SRAMXG-1190 Cassette151 gNS Bikes - Rotary Single 10t 2010-2017 Driver €59.00 NS BikesRotary Single 10t 2010-2017 DriverSRAM - XG-1150 11-speed Cassette €124.00 SRAMXG-1150 11-speed Cassette394 gSRAM - NX Eagle™ PG-1230 Cassette €105.05 SRAMNX Eagle™ PG-1230 Cassette615 gShimano - XT CS-8000 11-speed cassette From €79.04 ShimanoXT CS-8000 11-speed cassetteShimano - Deore HG50 10 Speed MTB Cassette €30.53 ShimanoDeore HG50 10 Speed MTB Cassette384 gAbsoluteBlack - Extender COG Chainring €58.94 AbsoluteBlackExtender COG Chainring75 gNS Bikes - Rotary Single Pro 10t Driver €89.90 NS BikesRotary Single Pro 10t DriverSRAM - XG-1195 11-speed Cassette €315.58 SRAMXG-1195 11-speed Cassette275 gSRAM - XX1 XG-1199 11-speed Cassette €361.05 SRAMXX1 XG-1199 11-speed Cassette260 gShimano - Ultegra CS-HG800 11 Speed Road Cassette €75.01 ShimanoUltegra CS-HG800 11 Speed Road Cassette335 gSRAM - GX Eagle™ XG-1275 Cassette €199.79 SRAMGX Eagle™ XG-1275 Cassette450 gShimano - SLX CS-HG81-10 Cassette 10-speed [2011] €39.52 ShimanoSLX CS-HG81-10 Cassette 10-speed [2011]282 gShimano - Deore XT CS-M771 Cassette (10 speed) €59.45 ShimanoDeore XT CS-M771 Cassette (10 speed)282 gSRAM - XG-1275 Eagle Cassette €199.79 SRAMXG-1275 Eagle Cassette450 g