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The new Sora brake caliper from Shimano. This caliper is ideal for the more sport, recreational road bike, but with the same style and design as the top end calipers available. SLR stands for SHIMANO Linear Response. The New Super SLR design makes use of a friction-reducing mechanism in the caliper, lever and cable that improve response and modulation. Shimano's much-copied Dual Pivot brake calliper is a key part of this design. This means that each brake arm pivots independently so you are far less likely to suffer problems of centering the brakes as was the case with old-school single pivot systems where it was more likely for one pad to rub against the rim.


  • Supplied as a single brake calliper
  • The Sora 3500 calliper now boasts easy toe-in (same as more expensive Shimano brakes up to Dura-Ace)
  • A washer on the brake shoe's fixing bolt makes it easier to toe the brake in the recommended 0.5mm to help eliminate brake squeal

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