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Whether you're just bought a new bike or you need to upgrade your current one, it's worth to focus on a very crucial mechanical element -the brakes. The braking system is a part of your bike that requires regular maintenance.

A mountain bike, road bike or city bike with faulty brakes is a real safety risk, so it's worth checking the brakes from time to time. Even a quick check before each ride can save you from an unforeseen accident.

More detailed inspection and service of the brakes is recommended periodically, depending on the intensity of their use.

Most of today's mountain bikes use disc brakes because of the undeniable advantage in off-road conditions, especially in bad weather. Four piston disc brakes are a must, especially on the breathtaking descents that downhill and enduro riders take. In the case of endurance sports, two-piston brakes turn out to be sufficient, and their lighter weight is an advantage that compensates for a slightly lower braking effect.

In road cycling, disc brakes are also settled for good. However, many road users still prefer rim brakes, which are lighter, and their braking force is sufficient in most cases.

We offer brakes by: Avid, Formula, Hayes, Hope, SRAM, Shimano.

SRAM - Code RSC Disc Brake From €183.84 €257.84-29%SRAMCode RSC Disc Brake443 gSRAM - Level T Hydraulic Brake €58.88 €70.75-17%SRAMLevel T Hydraulic Brake410 gSRAM - Level Hydraulic Brake From €46.44 €62.15-25%SRAMLevel Hydraulic Brake430 gAvid - Elixir 7 Hydraulic Disc Brake €76.41 €150.32-49%AvidElixir 7 Hydraulic Disc Brake350 gAvid - Elixir 9 Brake From €128.23 €181.72-29%AvidElixir 9 Brake358 gAvid - Elixir R hydraulic brake €80.37 €118.28-32%AvidElixir R hydraulic brake

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