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Powered by Boa technology – protected by Curv® and our proprietary foams. The Tactic is our premium Knee Protector.

Curv is a truly innovative ‘next generation’ composite made from highly drawn recycled strands of polypropylene. Curve unites the functional versatility of thermoplastics, the impact –resistant performance of a fibre- reinforced composite, and an extra ordinary aesthetic element. Curv is our material of choice for the Tactic Knee outer shell.

The Boa system eliminates the need for Velcro straps and allows for even closure throughout the pad. This reduces the effects of ‘leg pump’ and combined with the ability to micro adjust ‘on the fly’ gives our Tactic Knee a distinct advantage over the competition.

Get a perfect fit with the simple turn of a knob, free of the stretch, weight, and hassles of old-fashioned closures. Enjoy a significantly improved level of comfort along with durability, lightweight, fast and convenient operation and on the fly adjustment.

The Boa system provides a truly ‘dialed in’ fit.

X-Profile Cap

The ‘X’ profile cap gives maximum protection whilst its shape facilitates a fluid pedaling action. The ‘X’ design eliminates the tendency for the cap to lift off the knee when pedaling.

Calf Strap

Extensive ‘on the hill’ research measuring numerous riders and experimenting with various strap positions over a four year period – enabled 7idp to identify the key location to place a support strap that prevents pad slippage.

iDP Polygon Foam

We started at base camp! All foams are custom. Exclusive to 7 their idp Polygon Foam is a combination of an eva foam lattice sandwiched between an outer layer of highly abrasion resistant 4 way stretch fabric, and a soft, comfortable moisture wicking, quick drying anti bacterial inner fabric.

Floating Knee Socket

The floating knee socket allows the knee joint to move freely without interfacing with the position of the pad. The floating knee section moves with the knee whilst the outer cap of the pad stays securely in place.


  • X-Profile cap for narrow profile fit
  • Curv® low weight, high strength 1mm cap for superior fit and pedal motion
  • Features an internal floating knee socket to allow pedalling whilst exterior pad stays in position
  • Double layer polygon perforated custom foam to increase air flow and reduce weight.
  • Boa system provides an even tension throughout the pad with the twist of a dial
  • On the fly micro adjustment whilst pedalling
  • TPR flex supports protecting the knee in conjunction with the X-Profile knee cap
  • Custom Seven polygon neoprene is light and offers great ventilation
  • Designed beyond CE EN 1621 standard to ensure maximum protection

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