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Dartmoor is a dynamically developing Polish brand offering bikes and accessories in the downhill (DH), Enduro, dirt and BMX segment. It is known for its very good value for money and therefore extremely popular with domestic as well as international riders. The two6player, gamer, streetfighter, hornet, bluebird, blackbird, hornet and primal models are extremely popular. In addition to complete bikes, the offer includes parts like: frames, handlebars, saddles, seatposts, pedals, grips, hubs, sprockets, spokes, nipples and many others.

Dartmoor is a brand that comes from sport and passion. The brand collaborates with riders and the Dirt It More team, so they keep developing products making them better and better.

Piotrek Krajewski reflects on his 15-year journey with Dartmoor-Bikes...

This is how the last 15 years have flown by.” Piotrek Krajewski sums up 15 years of relationship with Dartmoor Bikes. It was a wild, wild ride, but damn! Worth it!

From Polish slopestyle contests to sending on freeride zones in the USA and France. Piotrek fully commits to the "Ride Your Way" philosophy, and so should you!

Piotrek's bikes in the order of appearance: Shine Pro, Thunderbird FR L (Custom Freeride), Thunderbird FR M (Slopeduro), Rocbird Enduro.




Famous Polish rider Macin Motyka on Dartmoor E-Thunderbird bike

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