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The ProGuard – BOLT ON is the first large direct mount mudguard of its type, it offers outstanding protection with the slickest most factory look available. There are no cable ties or hook and loop straps to ruin the clean lines on your bike as they are secured by bolts (supplied). We also have TILT BRACKETS which allow you to fine tune the fit angle of the mudguard, you can tilt the front/back up or down a few millimetres with 2 brackets (supplied).


  • material: plastic
  • length: 38.8 cm
  • wall thickness 2 mm
  • excellent mud protection
  • compatible with 27.5/27.5"+/29" wheels
  • maximum tire width 3.0"
  • low weight
  • quick montage
  • the package includes screws for:
    • M3 x 2 (FOX / MARZOCCHI)
    • M4 x 3 (OHLINES)
    • M6 x 1 (SR SUNTOUR)

The direct mount mudguard is for the forks listed below:

  • 2016 > 2021 FOX 32, 34, 36, 38, 40(a), 49
  • 2022 FOX 34(b), 36(c), 38, 40

(a)2020 FOX 40 (26” or 27.5”) or older needs Adapter Bracket (PGBOF40) – sold separately

(b)2022 FOX 34 needs Stability Bracket (not available yet) if the rear of the brace is hollowed out as shown

(c)2022 FOX 36 needs Stability Bracket (supplied)

  • NEW MARZOCCHI FORKS(d) (Fox chassis version)

(d)Z2 forks may not come with threaded holes

  • 2021 ROCKSHOX 35(e)
  • 2021 ROCKSHOX Recon(e)
  • 2021 ROCKSHOX Paragon(e)

(e)use the SR Suntour M6 centre bolt

  • 2019 OHLINS RXF34, RXF36, RXF38(f), DH38(g) (or older)

(f)RFX38 requires Stability Bracket (not available yet)

(g)DH 38 requires Stability Bracket (PGOSB) - sold separately. NOTE: above adapter also fits RXF36 and adds stability

  • 2019 SR SUNTOUR FORKS (h) (or older)

(h)forks that have an unthreaded straight through hole in the centre of the fork brace needs our SLEEVE PACK (PGBOSP) - sold separately

  • 2021 DVO D1 Diamond Boost (i)
  • 2021 DVO D1 ONYX Boost SC (j)

(i)needs our custom bolt / washer (PGBODVOB)

(j)needs our custom adapter bracket and custom M4 bolt / washer (PGBODVO)

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