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Mucky Nutz Face Fender is the original fork mounted mudguard and the lightest around. This patent pending guard has evolved once again, taking onboard the feedback from you, this one replaces the 2.1 version. As with the BF2.1 this improved fender is well suited to tackling a fall or those pesky pine cones, when they get pulled through by the wheel. So if you prefer the downhill or wooden trail this is the one for you.

If you want even more protection, try out the Bender Fender in XL size.


  • material: plastic
  • length: 21 cm
  • effectively stops any muck from being flung into your face
  • easy to clean
  • quick installation
  • can be used on your 26in or 29er
  • compatible with all forward and double sus brace designs
  • can be used as a rear shock guard on some full sus arrangements
  • the lightest mudguard available!

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