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brakes (36 products)

Add to cartShimano - XTR BL-M9100 Brake Lever €90.23 ShimanoXTR BL-M9100 Brake LeverAdd to cartSRAM - G2 Ultimate Brakes €299.76 SRAMG2 Ultimate BrakesAdd to cartSRAM - G2 RSC Brakes €192.62 SRAMG2 RSC BrakesAdd to cartNukeproof - AVS Sam Hill Handguards €67.86 NukeproofAVS Sam Hill HandguardsAdd to cartSRAM - Code R Disc Brake €142.62 SRAMCode R Disc Brake443 gAdd to cartSRAM - Code RSC Disc Brake €261.67 SRAMCode RSC Disc Brake443 gAdd to cartSRAM - Guide T Disc Brake €118.81 SRAMGuide T Disc BrakeAdd to cartSRAM - Rival® 22 Mechanical Brake Calipers €40.23 SRAMRival® 22 Mechanical Brake CalipersAdd to cartSRAM - Force® 22 Mechanical Brake Calipers From €51.32 €75.01SRAMForce® 22 Mechanical Brake CalipersAdd to cartSRAM - Level T Hydraulic Brake €73.57 SRAMLevel T Hydraulic Brake410 gAdd to cartSRAM - Level Hydraulic Brake €61.67 SRAMLevel Hydraulic Brake430 gAdd to cartSRAM - Guide RE Hydraulic Brake €128.34 SRAMGuide RE Hydraulic Brake415 gAdd to cartSRAM - Level TL €87.86 SRAMLevel TL370 gAdd to cartSRAM - RED® Brakeset €325.95 SRAMRED® Brakeset240 gAdd to cartShimano - Tiagra BR-4700 Road Brake Caliper From €28.34 ShimanoTiagra BR-4700 Road Brake CaliperAdd to cartShimano - Deore XT BL-M8000 Disc brake handle €45.01 ShimanoDeore XT BL-M8000 Disc brake handleAdd to cartShimano - Shimano XTR BL-M9000 Race disc brake handle €73.57 ShimanoShimano XTR BL-M9000 Race disc brake handle61 gAdd to cartShimano - BR-M4050 Disc Brake From €56.90 ShimanoBR-M4050 Disc BrakeAdd to cartShimano - Tiagra BR-4600 Road Brake Caliper €22.62 ShimanoTiagra BR-4600 Road Brake CaliperAdd to cartShimano - Sora 3500 Dual Pivot Brake €22.02 ShimanoSora 3500 Dual Pivot BrakeAdd to cartHope - Tech 3 E4 Brake From €204.52 HopeTech 3 E4 Brake400 gAdd to cartHope - Tech 3 X2 Brake From €180.71 HopeTech 3 X2 Brake249 gAdd to cartShimano - Zee BR-M640 Hydraulic Brake Caliper From €83.10 ShimanoZee BR-M640 Hydraulic Brake CaliperAdd to cartShimano - Saint BR-M820 Hydraulic Brake Caliper €102.14 ShimanoSaint BR-M820 Hydraulic Brake Caliper160 gAdd to cartHayes - MX-5 Mechanical disc brake €47.38 HayesMX-5 Mechanical disc brake345 gAdd to cartHayes - Prime Comp Hydraulic disc brake [2013] €111.67 HayesPrime Comp Hydraulic disc brake [2013]385 gAdd to cartShimano - SAINT Hydraulic disc brake BL-M820 €203.57 €227.86ShimanoSAINT Hydraulic disc brake BL-M820Add to cartAvid - BB7 Mechanical Disc Brake From €54.53 AvidBB7 Mechanical Disc Brake329 gAdd to cartTektro - Novela MD-M311 Mechanical Disc Brake From €23.71 €28.34TektroNovela MD-M311 Mechanical Disc Brake170 gAdd to cartShimano - Zee BL-M640 Hydraulic Disc Brake €130.71 ShimanoZee BL-M640 Hydraulic Disc Brake311 gAdd to cartHayes - CX-5 Mechanical Disc Brake [2012] €59.29 HayesCX-5 Mechanical Disc Brake [2012]317 gAdd to cartHayes - DYNO COMP Hydraulic Brake €83.10 HayesDYNO COMP Hydraulic Brake 400 gAdd to cartAvid - Elixir 7 Hydraulic Disc Brake From €100.48 €166.43AvidElixir 7 Hydraulic Disc Brake350 gAdd to cartAvid - Elixir 9 Brake From €107.42 €201.19AvidElixir 9 Brake358 gAdd to cartAvid - Elixir R hydraulic brake From €88.98 €130.95AvidElixir R hydraulic brakeAdd to cartAvid - BB5 Mechanical Disc Brake From €27.38 AvidBB5 Mechanical Disc Brake