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Dartmoor frames 2022
FOX Speedframe Mainframe

We want to invite You to play a game.

A dangerous game full of emotions, suspense and surprises. It will run for 4 succeeding weekends. Each one more thrilling than the last. We start today — prices go down differently for various product groups, sometimes even differently for individual items.


Terms and Conditions:

  1. During the one before last weekend in most cases our goods will be discounted up to 30% compared to the base price. The last weekend we will go as low as selling margin allows.
  2. The discount only applies to products that are in stock during the promotion (status: IN STOCK). The remaining products will be subject to standard discounts and individual customer discounts (except for locked prices — red dot with a padlock icon shown next to the price).
  3. All prices covered by the promotion will already be visible in the store — individual discounts will not apply to those products.
    Your order total will be visible in the shopping cart immediately, even before closing your order.
  4. All goods are subject to the standard return procedure.
  5. Products from the 2023 offer are excluded from the promotion.