order status

Here you can find the order status definitions.

waiting (not accepted) - your order has been successfully placed in our system. It is waiting to be assigned to one of our workers,

processing - while processing your order, our workers check and confirm if everything is actually in stock,

waiting for client reply - your order has been already processed but some additional arrangements are needed. Please reply to our questions via YOUR ACCOUNT,

waiting for payment - order is ready for shipping, but we are waiting for your payment,

waiting for delivery - order is waiting for delivery of missing products (which are not in stock at the moment),

in progress - preparing for shipping. Your order is complete and will be shipped today,

complete - order is shipped by courier services.

problem solving - there are some additional problems to be solved in your order, e.g. some goods are missing or were returned,

ready for personal pick up - your order is ready for personal pick up at our warehouse,

wheel lacing - your wheel (wheels) is being laced by our service workers. When it's done, your order status will change and informing note will be added,

cancelled - order will not be processed, it has been cancelled on the client's request or due to Terms and Conditions violation. This status also appears when an order is merged with another one,

delayed - order will be shipped another day (arranged with the client)