Gift Card

A Gift Card is a great solution when you're looking for a gift other than cash, but have no idea what to buy. The Gift Card (its equivalent in cash) can be used to buy any of our products from our online store.
In this section we will explain how it works: 1. Buying a Gift Card and 2. Using a Gift Card.

Buying a Gift Card

  • Ordering a Gift Card works just like ordering any other product: click 'Gift Card' in the top-right section of our main page, choose one of pre set values or enter your own value (150€ here) and click on 'Add to basket' [see the picture below]


  • As a default the Card (code) is sent to you the buyer's email (given while placing an order/creating an account). The buyer can optionally add an email of the recipient,(person for whom you are buying the gift for) and the code will be sent to both emails. After choosing a payment method simply click on 'Checkout'. [see the picture below]


  • The Gift Card (code) will be sent to your email (and optionally to the recipient) right after our Sales team process the order (working hours apply UTC/GMT +1 hour)

Please note that your personal discount does not apply when buying a Gift Card.

Gift Card's equivalent must be spent to the full amount (in one transaction). It may be used only once.

Using a Gift Card

  • If you bought or got a Gift Card, you can spent its equivalent to purchase any products available on our website. Please add the items you are interested in to the basket and when you're done click on 'Checkout'
  • After logging in (or creating account if you don't have one), check the delivery address, choose the payment method and if  all is OK click on 'Checkout'
  • Now it's time to activate the Gift Card, please click the highlighted button and enter the unique code [see the picture below]


  • Total due should update like shown in below picture. If the due amount is higher than the Card's value, you will need to cover the outstanding amount with a previously selected payment method [see the picture below]


  • That's it! After clicking on 'Place order' we're starting to process it (working hours apply UTC/GMT +1 hour). Information regarding the processing of your order will be delivered to your email.

Gift Card's equivalent must be spent to the full amount (in one transaction). It may be used only once.

We hope that you liked the idea of buying a Gift Card. If so, you can do it here: Buy a Gift Card.