warranty claim

All products purchased on 26bikes.com Shop are covered by a full warranty. The duration of this warranty is at least 1 year, however, some manufacturers offer extended warranty. Warranty covers manufacturing faults and defects but do not cover damage caused by crashing, abuse and general wear of the product.

If you feel that the product you have purchased from us has developed a fault then please fill a form available in your account section (or click here after logging in). You are obliged to fill and send it before returning product in order to identify the problem and minimize your postage costs.

If product need to be returned you must remember that: 
- It must be clean, not covered with mud or oil.
- You must attach a document with description of the problem/fault, your personal information, date of purchase and copy of receipt or invoice.

Return address:

Powstańców Śląskich 12B
58-500 Jelenia Góra

Realization of the warranty takes up to 14 weekdays. In special cases (e.g. expert's report, special survey or evaluation) it may be extended to 21 days.