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Have you heard of the Shimano brand? Apparently they make some pretty good bicycle components. :) Shimano prides itself on over 100 years of presence on the market. To this day, Shimano is a leading brand in the technological development of bicycle components (among others). The Japanese company also owns many patents.

clothes/shoes/guards > shoes

parts > rear derailleurs

parts > cranksets/cranks

parts > brakes

parts > cassetes and drivers

parts > pedals

parts > hubs

parts > bottom brackets

parts > sprockets

parts > chains

tools/service > wrenches and pullers

parts > brake rotors

clothes/shoes/guards > cycling jersey

clothes/shoes/guards > jackets

parts > shifters

parts > adaptors

parts > brake pads

parts > front derailleurs

parts > cables/cable housings

tools/service > lubricants and cleaning

tools/service > brake service parts

clothes/shoes/guards > shoe covers

clothes/shoes/guards > headwear

tools/service > oil and grease

tools/service > detergents

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