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cables/cable housings (42 products)

Cloud Perform - Brake housing ferrule 5 mm€0.71Cloud PerformBrake housing ferrule 5 mmClarks - PTFE Derailleur Inner Cable -W6021€4.02ClarksPTFE Derailleur Inner Cable -W6021BBB - Derailleur Cable End Caps BCB-61D€0.09 €0.14BBBDerailleur Cable End Caps BCB-61DBBB - Brake Cable End Caps BCB-61€0.09 €0.14BBBBrake Cable End Caps BCB-61Accent - Shifter housing ferrule 4 mm€0.46AccentShifter housing ferrule 4 mmShimano - Shimano PTFE Stainless Steel Bicycle Inner Brake Cable€3.81ShimanoShimano PTFE Stainless Steel Bicycle Inner Brake CableShimano - Shimano Road-MTB Brake Cable Set€9.03ShimanoShimano Road-MTB Brake Cable SetShimano - MTB Stainless Steel Gear Cable Set€17.36ShimanoMTB Stainless Steel Gear Cable SetShimano - Road Shift Cable SetFrom €5.46 €7.12ShimanoRoad Shift Cable SetShimano - BC-1051 Road Cable with HousingFrom €2.37ShimanoBC-1051 Road Cable with HousingUnex - Brake Cable Housing - 4 mm€0.84UnexBrake Cable Housing - 4 mmProx - Galvanized Shifter Inner Cable€0.71ProxGalvanized Shifter Inner CableProx - Galvanized Brake Inner Cable€0.71ProxGalvanized Brake Inner CableAlligator - Brake housing ferrule 5 mmFrom €0.44 €0.48AlligatorBrake housing ferrule 5 mmUnex - Road Brake Cable SetFrom €3.96 €5.22UnexRoad Brake Cable SetSRAM - Barrel AdjusterFrom €13.64 €14.05SRAMBarrel AdjusterShimano - SP41 Derailleur Cable Housing - 4 mm€0.95ShimanoSP41 Derailleur Cable Housing - 4 mmShimano - Deore XT/XTR Mountain Bike Gear Cable Set€18.81ShimanoDeore XT/XTR Mountain Bike Gear Cable SetShimano - Road Bike Derailleur Shift Cable SetFrom €12.55 €15.47ShimanoRoad Bike Derailleur Shift Cable SetShimano - Road PTFE Shift Cable Set€23.57ShimanoRoad PTFE Shift Cable SetShimano - Shimano PTFE Stainless Steel Bicycle Inner Brake Cable€6.90ShimanoShimano PTFE Stainless Steel Bicycle Inner Brake CableShimano - SIS-SP40 Plastic Ferrules€0.12ShimanoSIS-SP40 Plastic FerrulesShimano - Stainless Shift Cable, 2100mm€0.92ShimanoStainless Shift Cable, 2100mmAccent - Gripper III Cable guides€2.26AccentGripper III Cable guidesAccent - Stainless steel brake cable€2.26AccentStainless steel brake cableUnex - Galvanized Derailleur SRG cable€1.19UnexGalvanized Derailleur SRG cableUnex - Sleek Gear Cable Set€7.12UnexSleek Gear Cable SetUnex - Gear Cable SetFrom €4.42 €4.74UnexGear Cable SetUnex - Sleek MTB Brake Cable Set€7.12UnexSleek MTB Brake Cable SetUnex - MTB Brake Cable SetFrom €3.21 €4.74UnexMTB Brake Cable SetUnex - Cable End CapsFrom €0.10 €0.12UnexCable End CapsNiro-Glide Fasi - Turbo Plus Brake Cable HousingFrom €0.92 €1.19Niro-Glide FasiTurbo Plus Brake Cable Housing18 gClarks - Galvanized Universal Brake Inner Cable - W5089€2.12ClarksGalvanized Universal Brake Inner Cable - W5089Clarks - Stainless Steel Universal Brake Inner Cable - W5089SSFrom €2.50 €2.60ClarksStainless Steel Universal Brake Inner Cable - W5089SSClarks - BMX Rotation Cable€6.90ClarksBMX Rotation CableAccent - Derailleur Cable Housing - 4 mmFrom €0.52 €1.07AccentDerailleur Cable Housing - 4 mmIXS - ELITE Brake cable [X-IW100-BR]From €3.90 €4.53IXSELITE Brake cable [X-IW100-BR]Clarks - Brake Cable HousingFrom €0.73 €0.95ClarksBrake Cable HousingClarks - Galvanized Derailleur Inner Cable - W5056From €1.97 €2.12ClarksGalvanized Derailleur Inner Cable - W5056Clarks - PTFE Derailleur Inner Cable -W6021€4.28ClarksPTFE Derailleur Inner Cable -W6021Clarks - PTFE Brake Inner Cable - W8002€3.08ClarksPTFE Brake Inner Cable - W8002Clarks - Derailleur Cable Housing - 4 mmFrom €0.73 €0.95ClarksDerailleur Cable Housing - 4 mm